Individual E-Counselling

This counselling service is offered through video conferencing and is, in many ways, similar to attending counselling in an office. Although there are benefits and restrictions to this type of counselling, for many clients the benefits outweigh the restrictions.  Please feel free to read about the results of peer-reviewed research concerning the myths and realities of online clinical work by clicking the reference below. You can also visit the feedback section of the website where some previous and current clients address their experiences with e-counselling.

This service may be helpful for those who: 

  • Wish to remain in their own homes while addressing their concerns 
  • Travel frequently 
  • Struggle with social anxiety 
  • Are burdened by commuting to see a counsellor 
  • Do not have flexibility in their schedule to physically meet with a counsellor 
  • Live or work in an area where counselling services are not available 
  • Find securing childcare as a barrier to receive services

Fenichel, M., Suler, J., Barak, A., Zelvin, E., Jones, G., Munro, K., . . . Walker-Schmucker, W. (2002).  Myths and Realities of Online Clinical Work. Cyber Psychology and Behaviour, 5(5), 481-497.


Individual In-Office Counselling

 Face-to-face counselling is offered in Victoria British Columbia.  To read about Psychotherapy and its usefulness please visit the following links:

Nordqvist, C. (2009). What Is Psychotherapy? What Are The Benefits Of Psychotherapy? Medical News Today. Retrieved from

Shedler, J. (2010). The Efficacy of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. American Psychologist, 65(2), 98-109.


Strength Connect!

This option is for those interested in group therapy and is available only online at this time.  Cost effective groups are facilitated in varying degrees of regularity including weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. Meeting dates and times are emailed in advance for scheduling convenience. This service is offered through an online interface that provides a secure, password protected space. It is our hope to create a dependable and supportive atmosphere where individuals can connect authentically and honestly with one another. Here, individuals are invited to bring to light any issue and be supported in its resolution. Strength Connect is facilitated by a number of clinically trained clinicians and social workers. As a participant, you will work with the same professional on a consistent basis for familiarity and comfortability.


Relationship Consultation

Are you finding your means to create sustained relationships are not effective?  Whether due to external circumstances such as societal expectations and norms, a limited number of candidates that suit your style, limited availability or internal barriers such as low self-confidence, little knowledge of dating norms, or fear of rejection, the solution can be found through relationship consultation.  We will help you learn how to become effective in your pursuit of a partner and successful in the maintenance of the relationship you want.


Personal Training

Personal training is provided as part of a holistic healing system within interlocking mind, body, and spirit.  This option can be used in conjunction with in-office psychotherapy or on its own.  Currently, this option is only available to individuals residing in Victoria, BC.  To read about the benefits of physical exercise please visit the following link:

Hancock, C. (2011). The benefits for Physical Activity for Health and Wellbeing. C3 Collaboration for Health. Retrieved from