Frequently Asked Questions

+How do I get started?

Whether employing E-counselling or face-to-face interaction, the intake, assessment, and goal planning for each is the same.  Once you have contacted us (click here to do so), we will be in touch with you within 24 hours. The intake process then begins with an initial phone call to discuss the presenting concerns, our ability to address them, establish the type of services necessary, and to answer any questions.  The inquirer is then forwarded an intake package with detailed instructions on steps for completion.  Once the intake package is completed a counsellor, who has been chosen specifically based on the needs of the client, will be in contact. Informed consent for assessment and treatment will be discussed and all questions will be answered throughout the intake phase.

The intake form is necessary to aid in the assessment process and this, in conjunction with collaborative participation from the client will provide the counsellor with enough information to cultivate a prioritized goals list, recommendations for treatment, and timeline with which one could reasonably expect to complete treatment.

+What does it cost and what if I can't afford it?

For individual counselling services we operate on a sliding scale anywhere between $80 - $120 per session -- which means we can negotiate a cost of services.

If the above prices are unaffordable, another cost-effective and supplementary option involves our online group counselling: “Strength Connect”, which is a counselling group facilitated by two professionally trained counsellors. Cost is $25 per group and new members can choose the frequency with which they would like to attend.   Please make contact with us by clicking here in the event you are interested in accessing this service.
We also provide free individual counselling services for those who are entirely unable to pay for services.  To qualify for this 10-week program, you must provide proof of income and discuss your situation with the Clinical Director; Amanda Poitras upon intake.
+Are your services covered by health benefits?

In some cases, yes.  Please make contact with us by clicking here so we can help find the answer based on your specific benefits package.

+What is E-counselling and how does it work?

E-counselling, which is also known as video-conference counselling, is conducted with the same clinical skill and adherence as counselling delivered in an office setting.  The client and counsellor essentially "log-on" to a predetermined communication program for the duration of the session time.  A secure internet connection is necessary for the effectiveness of this programming.  Homework and interventions will be delivered in the same manner as in an office setting. 

For more information please click here and to contact a counsellor please click here.

+If I am not comfortable with video-conference counselling, can I do it over the phone?

Yes, we do offer telephone sessions based on client preference.  Please click here to connect with a counsellor for more information.

+Can I do personal training without counselling?

Generally this option is used for individuals utilizing counselling services who are struggling with eating disordered behaviour or body image issues.  However, depending on the trainers availability, it may be possible to attain personal training without counselling.  Please make contact with us by clicking here in the event you are interested in accessing this service.